Micro Ring Hair Extensions
No Glue.. No Heat.. NO DAMAGE !!
Our Clients


 Below are just a small selection of messages received by  our satisfied customers.

X-Factor finalists 2Shoes - "We absolutely LOVE our new hair! Its Totes Amaze! Thanks Dan! Roll Xxxxx"


Nina Cranstoun - Brentwood (photographed above)

"The best extensions I have ever had x"



 Lisa - Romford

I LOVE THEM, thankyou so much, I never liked the idea of glued in extensions and have been waiting for something like this on the market, and here it is. I will be back time and time again as I cant imagine life without my new beautiful hair.

Emma - Braintree 

I never thought my hair could ever look this fantastic, I feel like im on one of the telly adverts when I catch my reflection in the mirror.


 Katy - London

Glued extensions - Never again, I must admit I was abit dubious on first reading about the microring and had no idea just how strong and amazing they are, knocks spots of any other extension method and I should know - ive tried them all. Big thankyou


 Megan - Essex

Ive got the full thick hair ive only dreamt of, so professional and helpful.


 Faye - Brentwood

I love my new extensions, my hair has always been pretty long but so fine and thin, these extensions have thickened my hair and now I can have any style I want, I honestly could never be without these now, feels like ive been given a new lease of life, thankyou, thankyou THANKYOU.


 Casey - Chelmsford

Im so pleased with my extensions, they look so natural and a perfect colour match, I shall be recommending you to all my friends, ill never be having glued ones again.


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